Clients Say...

Lise Williams, Business Manager : Innoseal Systems, Inc. : Charlotte, NC
ThinkManaged Technologies analyzed what we thought was a very strong and secure network. What we found was our previous IT provider was not supplying the service promised. ThinkManaged was able to quickly convert and secure the network, upgrade the software on the clients and provide monitoring that proactively manages the entire network. ThinkManaged knows we have issues before we do and they address them quickly with minimal downtime. Our productivity has gone through the roof! ThinkManaged Technologies is highly recommended.

Charlie Carpenter, Managing Partner : Carpenter Appeals & Trial Support : Columbia, SC
We are a small appellate law firm. Other lawyers associate us to do appellate work. Our ability to communicate and exchange information with them is critical. We also do a great deal of legal research. This business source and this research requirement make us heavily dependent on accessible, reliable, and knowledgeable IT support. We are too small to demand priority treatment from large national companies. We had difficulty finding local IT support of the responsiveness and quality that is essential to our practice. ThinkManaged Technologies caters specifically to small and medium businesses and also has the level of expertise that we need.

Kurt Olivier, Treasurer : St. Paul's Lutheran Church : Columbia, SC
Our church has a full time staff of four, none of which are lT experienced. Oftentimes, the smallest problem rendered the office completely incapacitated, sometimes for days. We had backups that did not complete properly due to tape or equipment failure, our email system would stop working, network and server problems occurred preventing us from accessing files, and website problems prevented us from updating timely. We were using a vendor on an as needed basis, which did a decent job and solved the ‘problem du jour’ when they showed up. They had difficulty getting to us within a reasonable time.

A fellow church member referred Josh Heath, because he worked with him in the past and thought very highly of his capabilities. Since we’ve contracted with ThinkManaged, our ongoing problems have completely dissipated. Now we have a constant monitoring system in place that corrects problems often before vve are even aware of them. ln other situations we can report problems via a service ticket request which is not only convenient, but also offers tracking and accountability. The response time is literally minutes if not immediate. ThinkManaged thinks strategically to not only correct our immediate problem, but also often suggests redesigns in our process to prevent future occurrences. Our backups are now done electronically and automatically without staff intervention, and monitored by ThinkManaged daily.

Josh and his team have without a doubt removed a huge burden from our staff for less money than We were previously spending for inferior service. I recommend ThinkManaged without reservations.